About The Author

Chinua Asuzu is Africa’s leading legal-writing scholar. He’s the plain-language maven whose works include Brief-Writing Masterclass; Fair Hearing in Nigeria; Judicial Writing: A Benchmark for the Bench; and Learned Writing.

Chinua is the dean of The Write House, the senior partner of Assizes Lawfirm, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, a Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies, and a member of the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel.

A jurisprudent, Chinua teaches legal writing at law firms and law schools, and at private and public forums.

Chinua’s expertise spans the gamut of legal writing: academic legal writing, brief-writing, business writing, contract drafting, judicial writing, legislative drafting, and litigation drafting.

An upwrite and writeous autodidact, Chinua is all write.